The MOBIB card, your key to intermodality
The MOBIB card stands for smooth, easy and flexible transport. Thanks to its contactless technology, this smart card provides easy access to a combination of public transport operators as well as several mobility-related services.
Advantages of the MOBIB card :
Thanks to its electronic chip, you can top up the MOBIB card limitlessly during a five-year-period ! The card is long-lasting and ecological.
The MOBIB card enables you to store different transport tickets and/or other services that best suit your needs.
The MOBIB card is easy to use. In order to validate it one just needs to hold it close to the validation zone of a MOBIB reader. The MOBIB card allows you to validate without taking your card out of your wallet or handbag. When travelling by rail, on the SNCB network, your card will be controlled on board.
Your MOBIB card is a true key to intermodality.The MOBIB technology is now widely spread at STIB, SNCB, De Lijn, TEC, Cambio and Villo!. Besides, the MOBIB system will be gradually compatible with other mobility partners such as Interparking.
In order to travel validly on the networks of the various operators, you will need to store a valid transport tickets on your MOBIB card for each of the mobility operators you intend to travel with.
If you need more information about the evolution for each partner, click here to consult the different websites.